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About Us

Altis Solar provides solar energy solutions for residential and commercial buildings with a safe and green approach. Our solar energy solutions are tailored to optimize your specific energy needs based on your specific building conditions.

Why Solar Energy?

Conventional electricity generation relies on burning fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas, which drains natural resources and pollutes the environment.
An alternative energy solution is to harvest the sun’s energy by converting it to electricity for further usage. Solar energy is clean and infinite, and our Altis Solar Solutions enables you to be part of green energy movement that also gives you “Green Value”

Why Us
Green Value

We provide green and environmentally friendly solar energy that aslo maximizes your financial return considerations.

Quality / Design

Our customize solutions only uses Tier 1 solar products (Panels, Inverters, Components).

Reliability / Safety

Our MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) use micro-inverters which ensure highest quality and safety. Includes 10-years product warranty & 25-years linear power warranty.

Periodic Service

We will constantly monitor and do periodic maintenance/checking/cleaning to ensure that your financial payback is reached as fast as possible.

How Does Solar Power Work?
Our Products
Tier 1 Solar Panels MLPE Microinverter

We only use Tier 1 solar panels with high power output from reputable manufactures to ensure best performance and warranty.

  • Product warranty: 12-years product warranty, 25-years linear power warranty
  • Our high powered panels provide more than 450 watt peak power per panel, to maximize the solar generation capacity of your roof space.
  • Each of our modules have been flash-tested to ensure quality and maximum performance.

Our MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) Microinverter provides clear advantages over conventional string inventer PV systems.

Only sheltered panel affected
The whole system affected and much less power prodction
Our microinverter solution provides 10-years warranty, much longer compared to conventional string inventers.
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